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Winter is here!  We have a suspected winter storm coming tomorrow. High winds and a fair amount of snow.

Be sure to prepare for a power outage, just in case.  

Be sure to have water. 

Be sure to have flashlights recharged and spare batteries on hand. 

Be sure to have wood for your stoves and propane for your generators. And also fuel for generators. 

Be prepared with quick, easy to heat and eat meals. 

And lastly. Make sure your cars are filled up, shovels are out, and please refrain from using candles. 

And if you do lose power, and are out of the heat, DO NOT USE PROPANE-FUELED HEAT SOURCES INSIDE YOUR HOME. Such as space heaters and the such. Carbon monoxide is a very serious byproduct of such items. 

If it is needed, the Afton Hall will open as a warming center, as always. 

Be safe, everyone. And be sure to keep watch on neighbours and anyone who may need an extra hand. 

Shaun MacArthur

EMO Chair