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Meet the New Council

The new Council for the Rural Municipality of West River kicks off their new term on Thursday, December 8. The Council will be sworn in at 7:00 p.m. at Afton Community Centre. Everyone is welcome to come and meet their representatives for the next four years.

  • Mayor - Helen Smith-MacPhail
    • Councillor Aaron MacEachern      Ward #1 (Ringwood - Maqtewe'k Jipu'jij)         
    • Councillor Ryan Roggeveen         Ward #2 (Straitview - Kwitney Walney)
    • Councillor John Yeo                        Ward #3 (Eliot River - Ji'ka'we'katik)         
    • Councillor Lillian MacCannell       Ward #4 (Southside - Pita'q Jipu'jij)
    • Councillor Shaun MacArthur        Ward #5 (Strathgartney -Maqtewe'k Kwesawei)   
    • Councillor Steve Pollard                Ward #6 (The Hill - Unikansuk)