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Monitor Hurricane FIONA and be Ready

There is a storm a-comin'!  Starting possibly Thursday into Saturday, we are expecting very high winds(in excess of 90km/h) and a lot of rain.  Please be sure to secure any loose articles around your yards.  Tie down anything that can't be moved but could blow around. 

Please be sure to have your emergency plan ready and supplies ready. 

For supplies:  Have at least 3 days of clean water and food that can be prepared with little to no heat.  If you have a fireplace or wood stove, be sure to have a good pile of wood in case you need it.  Make sure all your flashlights, lanterns and other sources of light are charged and/or you have batteries on hand, with enough for 3 days.

Ensure you have fuel for your generators. Make sure you have any medications you may need.  First Aid Kit.  Always have a first aid kit filled and ready.

And last but not least, keep an eye on your neighbours.  Our neighbours are our best resource sometimes.

EMO is here when we are needed, and if the emergency center needs to be opened due to massive power outages or any other emergency that occurs, that's why we have a plan in place. 

Be safe everyone, and if you need to contact EMO call 902-675-7000 or send an email using the following links. 

Contact EMO

Contact Councillors & Mayor