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News From Parks Canada July 2024

News from Parks Canada July –  2024

Parks Canada officially kicks off the 2024 summer visitor season on PEI

Parks Canada looks forward to welcoming visitors from near and far to the national park and national historic sites on PEI. In PEI National Park, entry gates, beaches, day use areas, trails and washroom facilities are now open for the public to enjoy. The Interpretation Centre in Greenwich is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New in 2024, visitors are sure to enjoy:

  • A rejuvenated visitor experience at Stanhope Beach, featuring a refreshed beach complex, including a newly constructed boardwalk with access ramps, beach toy library and the return of accessibility features including mobility mats and reservable beach and buoyant wheelchairs.
  • A newly constructed lookout platform and series of interpretive panels at Oceanview that provide an opportunity to learn more about the natural and cultural history of PEI’s coastal ecosystem.
  • The extension of the Gulf Shore Way multi-use trail to Robinsons Island for pedestrians and cyclists. Visitors can now traverse the full length of the central section of the park – from Robinsons Island all the way to Dalvay – separated from motorized vehicles.
  • Beach wheelchairs and buoyant wheelchairs at Cavendish Beach, Brackley Beach and Stanhope Beach. Trailrider “off road” wheelchairs are available at Cavendish Campground, Brackley Beach Complex (for use on the Robinsons Island Multi-use Trail), Stanhope Campground and the Greenwich Interpretive Centre. To reserve, call 902-566-7050.
  • Automated entry gates for PEI National Park season pass and Parks Canada Discovery Pass holders installed in one lane each at the Brackley entry gate and the Cavendish entry gate at Grahams Lane.
  • A new ‘tents-only’ and ‘generator-free’ camping loop at Cavendish Campground. This camping loop is a great opportunity to connect with nature and features a modern, central, accessible and gender-neutral washroom facility.
  • Two new ‘Bunkie’ roofed accommodations: one at Stanhope Campground and one at Cavendish Campground. Each Bunkie includes one queen mattress bed, a trundle bed, and a double mattress loft - another way for campers to fully relax and unwind without the need to pack extra gear.

Supervised swimming areas

This year, stationary surf guard services will be offered at Cavendish Beach, Brackley Beach, Stanhope Beach and Greenwich Beach according to the following schedule:

Stanhope Main Beach

June 29-September 2

7 days / week


Brackley Beach

June 28-September 2

7 days / week


Cavendish Main Beach

June 28-September 2

7 days / week


Greenwich Beach

June 29-September 2

7 days / week


In addition, a mobile surf guard service will have a regular presence moving along the coastline from east to west, evaluating conditions, sharing safety messaging with beachgoers, and responding to calls as required at supervised and non-supervised beaches.

During the summer months, Parks Canada posts on the PEI National Park Facebook page to advise when dangerous surf conditions are present. Visitors can also check PEI ParksNow (pc.gc.ca/apps/parksnow) for information about surf conditions and parking in advance of a visit to PEI National Park.

Ultimately, visitor safety is a shared responsibility. Water users are responsible for learning about ocean hazards and making informed decisions when planning their visit to PEI National Park.

Safety tips:

  1. Never swim alone.
  2. Keep children at arm’s length at all times when in the water.
  3. Opt for a supervised beach.
  4. Observe surf conditions and follow surf guard advice.
  5. If waves are present, be aware of the possibility of rip currents.
  6. No inflatables. Ever.
  7. Be informed about rip currents on the north shore of PEI. Watch the video “Rip Currents – the Hidden Danger” – available on YouTube to learn more about rip currents, how to identify them and what to if caught in one.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alPBqhvEGzg

A celebratory year at Green Gables Heritage Place

Green Gables Heritage Place, including the grounds, trails, visitor centre and iconic Green Gables farmhouse are open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily interpretive programming begins July 1 and runs through Labour Day. This year also marks what would have been the 150th birthday of celebrated Canadian author, L.M. Montgomery. For details and updates visit parkscanada.ca/greengables.

New interpretive exhibits at Skmaqn—Port-la-Joye—Fort Amherst National Historic Site

The grounds and trails at Skmaqn—Port-la-Joye—Fort Amherst National Historic Site are open for visitors to explore and the day use washrooms are open 7 days a week. The visitor reception centre will be open Friday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning July 1. A new 16-minute video in English, French and Mi’kmaw is available for viewing at the visitor centre, as well as new outdoor interpretive panels that chronicle the woven stories of the Indigenous, French, Acadian and British cultures that continue to call this land home. For more information visit parkscanada.ca/skmaqn.

Do your part for dune conservation

Sand dunes are an important natural habitat and act as a natural protective barrier against the effects of storms and waves. Frequent foot traffic on non-designated dune crossings have a negative and cumulative effect. Sand dunes, even when stable, can be fragile and easily damaged. Staying out of developing dune areas gives them very best chance of dune recovery. 

Visitors are reminded that all sand dunes are officially closed by order of the Superintendent, whether signs are visible or not, from the base of the dune where the slope begins to increase and including all vegetated areas. Anyone found in closed areas may be fined under Section 2(1)(f) of the Trespass to Property Act. The minimum fine is $550. Please ensure that you and all those in your visiting party use only officially designated entry points when accessing the beach and to remain on marked trails and paths.

Species at risk- related beach closures in PEI National Park

Parks Canada takes measures to ensure Piping Plover are protected throughout the breeding season by clearly marking and closing beaches where nesting Piping Plover are present. Nests are so well camouflaged on the beach that most people cannot see them, and the presence of beach visitors can unknowingly harm plovers. Visitors can view up-to-date closure info here: https://parks.canada.ca/pn-np/pe/pei-ipe/visit/visiteurs-visitors.

Beach areas remain closed until all nesting plover have fledged from the area, which typically occurs in late July. Parks Canada thanks visitors for respecting area closures which ensure Piping Plovers are protected through their breeding season.

Reminder: no domestic animals on beaches April 1 to mid-October

To provide a safe environment for visitors and to protect wildlife and their habitats, domestic animals are not permitted on the beaches of PEI National Park from April 1 to October 15. The presence of dogs and other domestic animals on beaches can cause disturbance to wildlife, including the endangered Piping Plover. Dogs are welcome in all other outdoor areas of the park. Visitors are reminded that all pets must be always on a leash (maximum length 3 metres) and owners are required to clean up after their pet. For more information, see this webpage: You and your dog - PEI National Park.

Please visit parks.canada.ca/pei and @PEInationalpark on Facebook for general updates.