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NRF 29th Annual Santa Tour - December 12, 2021 - 5:30- Afton Community Centre

North River Fire Department - 29th Annual Santa Tour



This year the Santa Tour will be a little different due to Covid-19 Restrictions. Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing, Santa and the Grinch will be available for photo opportunities.

             2:30- Burnside Community Care, Clyde River

             2:45- Cornwall Senior’s Complex, MacArthur Drive

             3:00- Brackley Community Centre

             3:30- Milton Community Hall

             4:00- Clow’s Store, Hampshire

             4:30- Gass’ General Store, New Haven

             5:00- Bonshaw Post Office

         ∗  5:30- Afton Community Centre

             6:00- Cornwall Parade

             Merry Christmas

                                      Storm Date: December 18th