Standing Committees

Pursuant of the Municipal Government Act, the Council for Rural Municipality of West River approved the following Committee appointments, effective November 12, 2020.

• Chair: Councillor Shaun MacArthur

• Member: Councillor Lori Ashley

• Member: Councillor Pam Baglole

• Member: Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail

• Chair: Councillor Stephen Gould

• Member: Councillor Sabrina Loughran

• Member: Councillor John Yeo

• Member: Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail

• Chair: Councillor Sharon Slauenwhite

• Member: Deputy Mayor Robert Clow

• Member: Councillor John Yeo

• Member: Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail

• Chair: Councillor Chad Stretch

• Member: Councillor Shaun MacArthur

• Member: Councillor Aaron MacEachern

• Member: Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail

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Standing Committees