Check if you need a "Development Permit" 

• Change the use of a parcel of land or a structure;

• Commence any “development”;

• Construct or replace any structure or deck;

• Make structural alterations to any structure;

• Make any underground installation such as a septic tank, a Fuel tank, a foundation wall or the like;

• Move or demolish any structure;

• Establish or operate an excavation pit;

• Construct a highway;

• Place, dump any fill or other material;

• Subdivide or consolidate a parcel or parcels of land;

• Construct a fence over six (6) feet high except for agricultural purposes;

• Establish an entranceway.

• Laying paving materials for patios or sidewalks;

• Constructing fences six (6) feet or less in height;

• Installing clotheslines, poles, and radio or television antennae, except  satellite dishes over
    36 inches in diameter;

• Making a garden;

• Growing a crop or preparing land for a crop;

• Making landscaping improvements or constructing ornamental structures of less than 64 sq. ft.;

• Conducting routine maintenance, which has the effect of maintaining or restoring a structure
     or any of its elements to its original state or condition.

Check if you need a "Development Permit"