2021 at a Glance

RMWR in 2021

Rural Municipality of West River was established on September 1, 2020, but this journey had started long before, when the five community representatives attended the"Initial Conversation about Municipal Restructuring" on June 27, 2016. Let's have a look at what RMWR has achieved so far;

  • Mayor and Councillors attended 15 Council meetings (5 Special and 10 Regular sessions).

  • Properties Committee members sat for 13 meetings (2 Special and 11 Regularsessions).

  • Planning Board Committee members attended 12 meetings (1 Special and 11 Regular sessions).

  • Finance Committee members took part in 11 regular meetings.

  • Emergency Measure Committee held 5 regular meetings.

  • All the committees together have recommended 129 resolutions, and the council had passed 126 Motions.
  • Council has adopted and approved 14 Bylaws.

  • Electoral Boundary Commission
        The Council appointed the Electoral Boundary Commission members on February 11, accepted the submitted report on June 10, and passed the Election Bylaw(#2021-18)on October 14, 2021. RMWR is the first municipality to adopt both English and Mi'kmaq names for its wards.

  • Official Plan and Land Use Bylaw
        The RFP was tendered on February 16 and the contract was awarded to SJ Murphy Planning & Consulting on April 8. 

  • Emergency Management Plan
        RMWR's EMP was submitted to PEI Emergency Measures Organization on October 27, approved by the Department of Justice and Public Safety on October 28, and Council adopted it on November 18.

  • On April 29, at Afton Community Center, the Electoral Boundaries Commission presented its proposed ward boundaries and ward names for public comment before the Commission finalized its report to the Council.

  • On June 10, the EngagementHQ of https://planrmwr.ca/ was launched to encourage public engagement for the Official Plan & Land-Use Bylaw project.

  • On June 29, at the Afton Community Center, a public meeting was held to hear concerns and opinions of residents and other interested persons related to rezoning a portion of PID# 1129816.

  • On July 15, RMWR redesigned its website to make it user-friendly and added more platforms for receiving public inputs and providing more information.

  • On October 13, at Afton Community Center, a Public Workshop was held to gather the public's ideas on the ways different parts of the community should or could grow or be protected. This event was Livestreamed on https://www.facebook.com/planwestriver.

  • On October 27, RMWR conduct a survey to get public feedback on its new logo concepts.
  • On November 18, at Afton Community Center, RMWR hosted the COVID 19 Warrior Coin award presentation by the Honourable Antoinette Perry, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island.

  • The Council made good on its promises and kept 2022 the Non-Commercial properties tax rates for the former communities of Afton, Bonshaw, Meadowbank, and West River at $0.16 per $100 of assessment and $0.19 per $100 of assessment for the former community of New-Haven Riverdale; as was suggested at the Public Consultation meeting of the West River Group Municipal Growth Management Study on August 28, 2018.

  • The North River Fire Department increased the "Fire Dues" rate for commercial properties from $0.0725 to $0.16 per $100 assessment from January 2021. The Municipality had covered it for 2021 without any cost to the Commercial properties’ owners. The Council had no other option except to increase the 2022 Commercial properties tax rates to cover the fire dues. Before finalizing the tax rate, the CAO sent a personal letter to each of the commercial property owners to explain the situation and provide an opportunity for feedback.

2021 at a Glance