1. There are many undesignated buildings that have cultural value but may no longer be used for their intended purpose (e.g., former churches and schoolhouses).

  2. Pedestrian safety was identified as a significant issue by the community. The increase in traffic along with the lack of sidewalks or bike lanes is creating a dangerous situation.

  3. Access to beaches is being made more difficult with the ribbon development taking place along the coastline.

  1. The West River, Clyde River, and other waterways provide excellent opportunities for the municipality to develop transportation and recreation options for the community and tourists alike. 

  2. The community is interested in finding ways to provide places and programming for more social interaction, particularly for people who may be socially isolated. 

  3. There was a strong interest from the community for trails, bike lanes, or other forms of active transportation. Developing connections between existing trail systems would bring significant benefits (healthy living, safety, and tourism).

  4. There are many existing trails and significant parks - including the Bonshaw Provincial Park, Strathgartney Provincial Park, and at the municipal level, the Lloyd Inman Memorial Park and the Mutter Park - providing a base for community recreation and a draw for islanders and tourists alike.

  5. Recognizing places of interest (e.g., Blockhouse and Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site) can create community cohesiveness and a sense of place.

  1. How can the municipality continue to recognize the heritage of the area while also addressing the current day needs of the community and landowners?

  2. Are there adequate recreation amenities in the municipality for its size and population? How can recreational opportunities be expanded to meet demand?

  3. Are existing institutional uses still being used for their intended purpose? Are buildings being repurposed? Is there a need to zone for institutional uses, or can they be permitted throughout the municipality in all zones?

Social Background Study