Grant Request

Apply for a Grant from RMWR

Municipal Grants Bylaw # 2022 – 02 was adapted by the Council of the Rural Municipality of West River on  April 14, 2022, to ensure the process of providing a grant to groups or organizations is fair and consistently applied. Any group or organization that meets the criteria and is seeking Grant must fill out the Grant Request Application.

Grant Request Application

     Printable Application                                               Online Application    

  1. Public Benefit - The program/service/event is broad-based and open to all members
    of the public (versus a special interest group event open to specific individuals).
  2. Municipality's best interests - Funding will be awarded to groups or organizations
    offering services, products, or activities that align with the Municipality's Vision,
    Mission, Values and Principles.
  3. Financial Need - The application demonstrates financial need.
  4. Community Showcase – Offers an opportunity to showcase the Municipality and aids
    in creating awareness of the area with the intent of attracting participants from the
    Municipality and beyond.
  5. Economic Development – The program/service/event proposes to have a positive
    economic development impact on the Municipality.
  6. Community Development – The program/service/event proposes to have a positive
    impact on the community in that it will bring the community together.
  7. Tourism – The program/service/event proposes to highlight a geographic area of the
  8. Prior Fundraising effort - Applicants must demonstrate a reasonable effort to raise
    funds from sources other than the Municipality. Proof of this must be included in the


Grant Request