Interim Council

Interim Council

According to EC2020-485, the Interim Council of the restructured Rural Municipality of West River consisted of one Mayor and 10 Councillors selected from elected mayors and councillors of former municipalities. 

The interim Council served until the municipal election in November 2022 and included:

• Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail (Bonshaw)

• Deputy Mayor Robert Clow (Afton) 

• Councillor Aaron MacEachern (Afton) 

• Councillor Lori Ashley (Bonshaw)

• Councillor Sabrina Loughran (Bonshaw)

• Councillor Pam Baglole (Meadowbank)

• Councillor John Yeo (Meadowbank)

• Councillor Stephen Gould (New Haven-Riverdale)

• Councillor Sharon Slauenwhite (New Haven-Riverdale)

• Councillor Shaun MacArthur (West River)

• Councillor Chad Stretch (West River)

Interim Council