Restructuring Time Line

On September 1, 2020, the five communities of Afton, Bonshaw, Meadowbank, New Haven-Riverdale, and West River amalgamated to form the new Rural Municipality of West River.

Restructuring Order EC2020-485

• August 22, Royal Gazette published the EC2020-485.

• August 11, PEI Cabinet gave final approval for amalgamate to form the new Rural Municipality of West River. 

• April 6, IRAC approved the creation of the Rural Municipality of West River.

 December 23, IRAC provided "Notice of Proposal for Restructuring."

• December 5, IRAC received the "Package of Proposal for Restructuring."

 November 8, the Application of the Restructuring received the "Minister's Approval."

 October 25, West River Group send the "Final Restructuring Package" for
   the Minister of Fisheries and Communities.

October 23, Minister of Fisheries and Communities confirmed the Municipal
   Government Act is in place now and sets standards for governance.

 September 3, Proposal for Restructuring was "Submitted" to the Department 
   of Fisheries and Communities.

• August 26, the "Restructuring proposal" was prepared for submission.

• August 22, West River Group requested assistance from the province.

• June 28, Communities of West River Group prepared the first draft of
   the "Restructuring proposal."

January 22, the Term of Reference was revised at the "Communities West River
   Growth" meeting

September 11, each of the five Rural Municipality Councils hosted a meeting and the
   residents voted in favour of the amalgamation.

August 28, "Restructuring Alternatives for the Municipalities" was presented in the
   third public meeting.

August 21, "West River Municipal Growth Management Study" was completed.

June 21, Stantec hold the second Council presentation of the Growth Study.

June 20, the second public consultation meeting was held at Kingston Legion.

June 14, the first public consultation meeting was held at Kingston Legion.

June 13, Stantec hold the first Council presentation of the Growth Study.

April 10, Stantec Consulting & MRSB Consulting were contracted to prepare
   "West River Municipal Growth Management Study."

• March 26,  PEI Department of Transportation Infrastructure & Energy was
   informed Stantec had won the bid for Municipal Amalgamation Study.

February 8,  Stantec's Tender application was accepted to prepare Municipal
   Growth Study.

December 23, the "Municipal Government Act" was Officially Proclaimed into law.

September 25, the Request for Proposal of the "West River Municipal Growth Study"
   was tendered.

June 13, the Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy allocated $60,000
   to "Communities of west River Growth Management" project.

• June 7, Clyde River withdraw from Communities of West River Group.

• March 16, funding for the "Municipal Growth Management Study" was requested.

March 9, the Term of Reference for "Communities West River Growth" was finalized at their meeting.

 • February 23, Communities of Afton, Bonshaw, Clyde River, Meadowbank,
   New Haven-Riverdale and West Rive formed the"Communities of West River Group."

January 31, the "Municipal Amalgamation" process continued.

December 15, "The Municipal Government Act" received Royal Assent.

November 8, the "Municipal Amalgamation" process started.

• June 27, the initial meeting of "Municipal Restructuring."

The Amalgamation Timeline


May 23, 1974 "West River"

• July 20, 1974 "Afton CIC"

• August 3, 1974 "Medowbank CIC"

October 12, 1974 "New Haven-Riverdale"

• June 4, 1977 "Bonshaw CIC"

Restructuring Time Line