Permit Approval - RMWR

This page contains land use planning decisions for all the communities of Afton, Bonshaw, Meadowbank, New Haven – Riverdale, and West River under the Rural Municipality of West River authority as the Offical Plan and Land Use Bylaw have been approved by the Minister of Housing, Land and Communities on July 20, 2023. 

              JAN -24

              FEB -24

              MAR -24

              APR -24

              MAY -24

              JUN -24




Issued Development Permits within the former Municipality of New Haven – Riverdale

Under the Planning Act any person who is dissatisfied by a decision of a development permit, preliminary or final approval of a subdivision, an amendment to a zoning map, or text of a bylaw, may appeal the decision to the IRAC within 21 days after the date of the decision.

                    PEI Planning Decision                                                 File an Appeal to IRAC

Permit Approval - RMWR